The Story

Why we built it.

The Ayos HCS was built for a few purposes. To start we wanted to provide the whole home with security and allow us to have a secure home. And yes the word used was”us”. The HCS was actually built by us for us in the beginning. We have been building secure networks, protocols, code, mainframes, IoT solutions, VPN domains and many other solutions for multi-national companies for the last 20-30 years. Yes some of us are rather old and even works for Sun Microsystems before it was quartered and drowned.

So the HCS was created for us, so we could secure our networks completely at the source, at the gateway. So we created it as a gateway to sit between the ISP router and the home LAN. It is meant to protect all factors and facets of your digital life, from hiding your network form the ISPs, securing your DNS, blocking malware and malicious ads, preventing ransomware, protecting data from both corruption and power issues, and 100s of other little items too long to mention here.

Roaming with one-click

Then we wanted to take it a step further and add the ability to be protected at all times so developed Home Anywhere to allow us to access the home from anywhere in the world without opening ports rot hackers or the internet in general. Creating as much security as we could and then extending that into any and all LAN service access we could. So Home Anywhere makes us feel and acts exactly like we are sitting at our desk at home.

Developed with 30 years of experience in large enterprise


We would add GPS and all the items that require people to sell their souls to larger corporations so we would never need to use those products. So we wanted GPS integration into our photos we can do it without anyone else seeing it, without using corporate clouds, without selling ourselves for function.

So now the HCS needed service capability. We used BSD of course, as our base operating system, as most of us were suckled on such operating systems, even before birth, as it were. So using a “unix type/like” operating system was inevitable. So we created Ayos, taking OpenBSD and other code, we developed it to function how we wished. Using in-built sandboxing and lots of other items we will never tell you we made it as functional as we could.

Network Services.

Development then focused on extending the services to make a really stable and viable NAS, capable fo 64 petabytes of data management, media centres, downloading apps like transmission, virus checkers, music centres, and 100s of little functions that mean we are not locked into any operating system on our clients. You can use Windows, Linux, BSD, MacOS, Android and still have all your functions. We created a distributed life allowing syncing or server function so whatever laptop or PC we used we didn’t have to configure everything 50 times and it all worked seamlessly with as much protection as we could think of.

Now we have a complete HCS, perfect operating system that is fast, secure, stable and private in form and base, loads of server functions, amazing network protection, and generally the device we wanted. We live on the CLI but we are getting older, we have no need to show off any more, no need to prove we need no point-and-click. So the portal was born. It sprung to life in simplicity just so we could block flows with one click, block our kids from being sucked into social media, and generally make it so we didn’t need to type out 400 word command lines to change a single feature.

The Nucleur Case.

The case ….. it had to be study enough to take a nuclear blast, no plastic to ruin the planet, something that would last for years, something that was capable of being, at least in part, fire resistant, and should be gorgeous to look at. At least for us. So we developed a heavy alundum case, beautiful powdered and coloured, and with ability to take a 100kg hit on most points, and with high air flow. We pretty much managed it.

The hardware had to be “right to repair” capable so no OEM specific or proprietary motherboards or parts. Although more expensive we build the inner hardware to be able to be swapped, to be fixed, to be understood and available to the public. The HCS is yours, not ours, once you buy it do what you will with it.

Aiyja, and all her founders and staff, are now proud to state the Ayos HCS is now available for sale. We want to share it. We want you to be able to have control over your data too. We have lived inside the corporate world for 3 decades, we understand that shit floats, so CEOs tend not to be nice people, with exceptions, but few. Their intention is to mine as much of your life as possible and you have no way to quickly and easily protect yourself until now. Your, and unfortunately your children’s, identity are now up for grabs, it is the new black gold. Your smart TV usually makes 50% of its revenue by ripping of your network and usage. Imagine a world where you could block your TV from sending data to its manufacturer or to marketing companies? Imagine a world where even if you get hacked most likely your data is completely protected.

The Ayos HCS was made to free us and you. In the end it is made for you to fight back, to see they are sending and to block it, even though you may not have any technical knowledge, you can now with one click protect your home, your data, your family …. If you wish it.

We hope you enjoy it was made with much love and care by the people who really built the internet.

Want help? … talk to our sales staff on the sales chat.