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PnP Connectivity

The HCS WAN port and the internal switch all function in a plug n play method. No configuration required for anything to be connected

4g & Starlink

The HCS is capable of having secondary, or even primary, satellite and mobile connections. Just plug the devices into the network ports and configure the port as a secondary with a preference. The 4g device, for example, would then be used if the main link failed. This is especially good for rural/mobile premises or for power failure setups.

Switch Management

The portal allows you to configure the internal x4 gigabit switch and even allows you to turn the ports off for security or power saving.


Many of the network functions within the HCS are self-healing allowing for some naturally occurring issues to be fixed without you even noticing.

Usage Monitoring

See how much each app, node, or globally your network is using both incoming and outgoing. Cap and control your data wisely. And use QoS to enhance the utilisation of your network.

IoT Network

We have a purpose built IoT network capability that will be exposed in the portal for customers shortly. It will give you not only the capability of configuring Ayos IoT devices but also third party devices where supported. IoT isolation and security is a focus. You should be able to have the function without the fear of hacking.


The WAPi, integrated Ayos WiFi AP, will be available to HCS customers in the coming months. A fully managed AP, with extended security, and HCS portal control, so your HCS and the WAPi work together in harmony preventing WiFi hacks and insecure network configurations.

Malware Blocker

Malware blocking capabilities on "bad sites". Protect your family against misclicks and virus website access.

Parental Control

Prevent your kids accessing social media 24 hours a day. Control your bandwidth and help protect your browsing with a built in web proxy.


Network QoS, mainly upstream, on by default, allowing for fair usage of all types of traffic without any single node or service being able to flood the bandwidth speeding up and improving your experience. Stops your kids from loading the network with 4k video and killing your video conference call all done automatically.

Network Optimisation

Network Optimisations are in place, again by default, improving the protocols and traffic methodologies to show a real improvement in usage and help video, calls and games run faster.


Speedtesting was always a pain with most sites stealing as much personal data as they could from you just so you could test your bandwidth and some even lying about the speeds in certain countries with agreements to the ISPs. Now you can not only test the speed of your internet from the safety of your private HCS portal but also test your LAN! Test your wifi speed from any device.

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Home Anywhere

The ability to configure a VPN for your home, an incoming tunnel, allowing you to access all of the services and capabilities within your home. It also allows you to access your HCS home page, admin portal, all your HCS apps and all the functions of your HCS and her sister devices.

Internet Services

Internet services are our bundled services that allow you as a customer to have cloud firewall capabilities, IP swapping, and among other outgoing security methods. You will also be able to connect to third party VPN providers if you so wish although this drops your security.


vCloud allows you to have external facing services such as sharing, like dropbox, or web services, or communication hub allowing conferencing, chatting, peer to peer, without central interference.

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Enterprise Firewall

An enterprise grade firewall that can run at up to 1 million packets per second. Multi-tiered filtering. One-click block for the whole home. Global & node rules. Easy to use with full visibility of DNS names, whois information & data usage for each flow. The next generation consumer home firewall.

VPNs & IP Services

Home Anywhere allowing you to be anywhere in the world and VPN into your home, without any open ports, with a new method of security for the home. Why open your network for easy access just for function. The HCS is also capable of external IP services allowing you to hide your IP without needing an external VPN and new tunnel/gateway technology for the consumer market.

Malware Blocker

Blocks up to 140,000 malicious ad websites. Play your games without having your ID stolen & your game interrupted. Get less video ads and protect against malicious links as well. But not just for one device the Malware blocker is for your whole network even your Smart TV.

Privacy Blocker

The HCS has a lot of privacy controls and blocks, including nested NAT blocking visibility of your ISP, DNS redirects and security to prevent people seeing your DNS requests, also we have multiple privacy filters that help protect you wherever we can, including integrated into the NAS & other functions.

Web Proxy

The web proxy, built in, is a little slower than normal operation but it is great for control for kids, protecting them from malicious code, or if you want HCS cookie protection prevent tracking on cross cookie capability or favicon visibility. Also tied into some extra DNS controls to prevent accessing to porn sites, etc … A rare function in a consumer product.

DNS Security

In-built into the HCS is a DNS firewall, allowing you to block or add profiles as you need, and filter on your block lists. Our DNS engine rotates through root servers around the world constantly so no single source can track your activity.


All apps and functions in the Userland are sandboxed no matter what they are giving little access down into the kernel. Even the web proxy cannot access lower functions as they sit with their own libraries and platforms above Ayos.


All data on the system disks, and on the media disks as well if you so configure it, use Ayos mirroring, a special kind of mirroring that protects your data. If one gets corrupted it cannot spread easily. The mirroring is slower than normal but hardened and more stable.


Ayos uses BSD as its base, so it is naturally hardened, but then we add sprinkles on top to help harden it more. Life cannot guarantee 100% security ever but we try get you as far as possible.

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Single Sign On

Single sign on allows for all the family to have their own accounts and these accounts are created once and then they propagate to outer functions and apps. Makes administration very easy and singular in function and included layered file access etc …

Filer & Systems

Filer is an in-built file manager on the HCS allowing you to control, move and administer your file systems and files. You get access to BSD file systems with all their capabilities including embedded file search that is rather quick comparative to client systems.


AirShare is a system that allows users to share across almost ANY device on the local network. It is like the Apple version but across all ecosystems. Not yet as seamless but we are developing it to improve. This will also include, towards the end of the year, a media translation hub, like AirPlay to Chromecast allowing the users to stream from an Android device to an Apple TV as an example.


Backups now work with Mac Time Machine over the network with disk assignment etc … and Windows backup as well. You can backup on to the HCS remotely from almost any device. We will also be adding in mobile backup capabilities where possible as well in the future.

Data & Ransomware Protections

On the system disks ALL data is mirrored, so email, nextcloud syncing, any high priority or valuable media, if placed on the system NVMEs, automatically has multiple layers of protection, both from encryption hacks and access.

Sync & Encrypt

The HCS has syncing of course, through multiple methods including nextcloud, backup software, media clients, etc … but it also has special protections on that syncing allowing for restoration up to a month later for recovery. We will be making this configurable so you can recover data, any data, including app configurations and linux home folders, as long or as short as needed. So you could recover storage for up to 1 year if you wish and have the space on HCS or and externally controlled device.

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Free & Open

So the HCS, amazingly, has a free and open App Store. NO charging, only open source apps, but they work, and you can apply security to them, so even the media software cannot steal your data. This is something we will be extending constantly this year. We really want a full app range for customers, pre-configured for stability, and integrated function. No hassle open source living.

Your Apps

Coming soon in the third quarter of this year we hope is “your apps” section where you can use the already installed and functioning Virt Manager to install whatever apps you want with access to the linux, BSD, and other one source stores for install locally! We believe this will be a game changer for many people and why we suggest building you HCS out as strongly as possible.


As developers we use transmission a lot for Github and other websites to share and collaborate. Now you can use it directly inside your HCS, protecting your clients, allowing you safely check code in VMs and lowering risk on your network.

Home Office

In case you ever need it or are travelling or don’t have an office app on your tablet or mobile, log into your HCS and use Ethercal or the other Home Office application right in your browser. We like making life simple when you need it.

Media & Music

Apps like Emby, Plex, Madsonic, and more to come, for your media needs, act as media servers when installed with some reconfiguration where possible. One click installs and then access their admin pages. Media never was so secure or easy.

Mumble & Comms

We have a lot of development going into the communications apps late run the year but at present you can install your own Mumble server. We really want conference, chat and other such communications to be free and secure and accessible as a distributed method.

Virt Manager

We now have a functioning Virt Manager which allows you to create micro-VMs and put almost any OS on there. We have profiles already for linux and BSD. Create your own mini-lab. And towards the end of the year, as it is already in code, but yet to be put into the HCS admin portal, you can managed remote proxmox servers, and create what we call thick nodes! Gaming server, labs, Render farms, etc ..

Virus Checking

Instead of risking your phones, PCs, laptops, etc … you can download files directly, either through your HCS Email, or otherwise, and then check the files for malware and viruses before using them on your clients. Proactive checking isolated from your systems.

Per User

As we add more functionality almost all apps are multi-user capable, and some, not all yet, are connected inset our SSO, single sign on function, but we are expanding this as we go so hopefully all apps with be SSO capable by the end of the year.

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Much of Home Cloud on the HCS uses NextCloud Hub at present. And this will continue but we will make it much more simple to use through the APIs and portal. The point is to have any user be able to configure it on any client. But something special we have added already is Webmail on the HCS. It can access almost any type of external email and have them all in one place. Not so far away in time we will be adding the email proxy allowing you to use the client to access your “HCS mailbox” with all your emails from the other accounts.

3rd Party Syncing

Although we do not suggest it you may wish to have an offsite backup on a corporate cloud somewhere. If so within a few months we will have the pre-encrypt feature allowing you to encrypt certain folders before you send them upstream. This will protect your data and should work with most termination points.

Contacts, Calendar & more

It is annoying to get caught inside an ecosystem, with the company trying to make it risky for you to move your data, fear of loss, and losing functionality. Now with the HCS home cloud we will be making it easier and easier for you to sync and have all that functionality with ease of configuration. We will also make it simple for you to transfer elsewhere. It is YOUR data not ours. The HCS is YOUR device. You can, now, with a bit of effort sync almost any device with your HCS.

Recipes & Other

Family access and syncing can be fun and productive. Sync and allow family access to lots of different functions. Share calendars, share recipes, share documents, inside your HCS network, even chat to each other ... privately.


Documents are always a little scary to lose. Sync your documents with the HCS on nextcloud and with your other devices and you are not only protected by having multiple versions, but also virus checker, ransomware control, and many other neat recovery tricks allowing you to sleep at night knowing your data is as safe as it probably can be.

Maps & Routes

Maps are there in the HCS already, and you can use them, share and they are reasonably functional. But we are developing now to overlay with many other items. Where do I want to hike today? What is a good place to go fishing? Where can I ride my horse I don’t know this area very well … and where are the best restaurants. The Ayos community will also update if they wish to make an intelligent community of sharing the best spots.