The one device to rule them all & in the darkness blind them

Home Anywhere

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HCS Features

The HCS has over 600 features with 9 main functions. It makes security, privacy and home server functions, like secure IoT, accessible for all.


Fully fledged DPI BSD firewall, with additions, giving up to 1 million packet per second visibility & full IP / port block and profile control. Make your home safe.


Fully protected data in specialised mechanisms, including Ayos mirroring, and compability with Apple File Sharing, Samba & backup solutions like Time Machine.

Free App Store

An on device app store on the HCS, but completely free with only open source apps, and with the potential later to add your own with our Virtual App Manager putting them into a micro-VM. Most pre-assigned apps on the free app store are preconfigured to work with SSO, or/and with added security, or/and for integration within the HCS.

Home Cloud

Do not get locked into any given eco-system with the Ayos HCS you can sync your calendar, contacts, notes, passwords, recipes, documents, etc with all of your devices or even with family members.

Home Anywhere

A complete unique incoming VPN solution for our customers where you can access your own home through your personal VPN anywhere in the world without opening any ports and making your network insecure. Free with the present offer, buy before July, have Home Anywhere until the end of the year. 5 family members can access into the home from anywhere in the world securely.

Secure IoT

*Manage your IoT with certain third party devices allowing full control over your nodes across multiple devices with routines & schedules. Coming by August we will start adding third parties like Phillips Hue.

Media Centre

A media & music centre including Plex, Emby and Madsonic allowing for both video and music distribution on your network to your laptops, TVs, HTPCs, & phones. With network sharing capabilities like Airplay and ChromeCast proxies as a feature.

Malware Blocker

Full malware blocking capabilties with up to 140,000 blocked "bad sites" and spam generators.

Parental Control

Now you can schedule not only access but bandwidth control your family usage allowing your kids only to access social media for a particular time.

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Firewall for your whole home even while travelling

Like using LittleSnitch, LuLu or another host firewall you might use to protect your out and incoming data on your laptop, add the HCS to your network to monitor and see all the flows. You will be surprised what you see. Our one-click firewall can block any single flow to any single device or globally. The firewall not only creates visibility for IP but also malware, DNS, and even cookeis through a proxy configuration.

Firewall Blocks
Malware Blocks
Parental Filters
Privacy Filter

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The Home Gateway / Server

The HCS, home connectivity server, is built to act in two main functions. Firstly, to act as a gateway to the whole home, giving firewall, privacy filters, ransomware protection, parental control and many other gateway functions for all your devices in your home. Secondly, it is there as a home server, allowing the whole family to use the NAS, media centre, music server, virtual manager, office in a browser, and home cloud.

Your Home is Yours

Take back your home, prevent your IoT devices being hacked, your location data being stolen, your ISP monitoring your WiFi, your operating system stealing your birth date and your apps sending your photos upstream.

Feel Protected

Your privacy and security are our primary concern. We make every effort to protect your home in ways we don’t even communicate. Finally someone is on your side.


The Ayos HCS is not just a home gateway blocking ads, malware, viruses, ransomware, and stopping your apps stealing your life data, but also a functional home server.

The Free App Store with more apps coming with every update

Plex & Emby
Video & Media

Media apps for any situation allowing for sharing on the local network all of your videos and photos.

Music Centre

A specific music centre app for sharing on your local network, or even on Home Anywhere, all your music in one place from any device.

LAN Documents & more

A standalone nextcloud instance for your chat programs, document syncing, even sharing, all in one place synced across all of your clients.

Home Office
EtherCalc & Pad

Office applications on your own HCS on the network no need for client office programs if you prefer. Integrated with your NAS or saved on your local machine.

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How to distribute your digital life

Would it not be nice to be able to use any device and still have the same function? The same bookmarks, passwords, weather visbility, across Windows, Android, Apple, & just configure it once on your HCS and access it from anything.

Be Anywhere - Use Anything.

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Sync or access the following functions

    Home folders
    LAN home page
    Firewall rules
    Any device backup
    Web proxy
    And many
    Movies & shows
    Family media
    Encypted files
    Port forwarding
    Parental control
    Home office
    LAN & WAN speedtests
    Home Malware blocker
    many more

The case is engineered to last not for obsolescence

We built the case with longevity in mind & not worried about losing a euro here or there. We built something we would want to use in our own homes. Beautifully brushed and powdered. Thick metal. We really hope to see them lasting for 10 years plus.

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NAS Build

We put a lot of effort into the NAS code. Making it resilient to failure, ransomware, & corruption. The first type of disk in the HCS is called a system disk. Two NVME disks that are mirrored and fully protected.
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System Disks

A new way to NAS
    M.2 NVME Drives x2
    System Partition for Protection
    Instant snapshot repair
    Data partition for Home Cloud

Media Disks

For your music and movies
    Up to x2 SSDs
    Up to 16 Tb of storage capability
    Raid 0 or 1
    Mirroring to protect your data
    Mac Time Machine compatible

External Drives

Add external storage
    Up to 4 external drives
    Up to 16tb per drive
    Raid capable
    Fully intergrated
    Switch on/off schedule

Network NAS

Use network storage
    Up to 64 petabyte managed
    BSD file systems also accepted
    Raid capable
    Fully intergrated
    API control in some cases

Apps for all types of need including even network office allowing you to configure your spreadsheets from any device on the HCS over the network.

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Security & Privacy

Secure all your devices at once anywhere in the world

The HCS allows you to not only secure your data on the HCS itself, through nextcloud, or NAS, or our mirroring, or the virus scanner, or the torrent downloader directly on to the HCS, but also, by preventing all the Apps and OSes from sending data out of your network. It is very hard to get a host firewall on all your devices and manage them all. The HCS allows you secure all flows in and out of your home. Home Anywhere also allows you, and your family, to travel outside of the home and stay behind all of the HCS security features without port forwarding, without opening your network to the outside world, and also gives you access to all of your in-home services like your music server, media, NAS, home office, etc.

Security Methods

Complete ransomware protection for your whole home allowing you to use the HCS protection along with app like nextcloud plus our data protection protocols and methods. We limit the amount of encryption per day too so if you do get attacked the damage should be minimal with the capability to restore.
A fully fledged enterprise capable firewall with up to 1 million packet per second DPI. One-click blocking and allowing similar to host firewalls in todays operating system apps.
The malware blocker, blocking up to 170,000 malicious sites and spam ads is capable of relieving you of a lot of the pain especially when playing games and searching the web. It allows certain ads through that come from legitimate sites that do not steal your data.
Our DNS module allows for complete DNS security hiding your DNS requests from all parties and spreading them out across different root servers. The capabilities not only protects you but allows parental control, web proxy capabilities, and visualisation of the requests going out. It also protects from your own malicious apps on your phones for example.
The web proxy, although a little slower than normal operation, can be great for protecting kids from accessing certain adult sites, helps with cookie theft of ID, and ransomware, and in general gives your home a function act has been missing for many years.

Built with standard hardware allowing for complete right to repair.

The Ayos in-browser home page for all your users for any device

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